Schaechter Judith

Study of a girl
koperfolie, lood
17,9 cm × 17 cm

Judiths Schaechter’s intricate and complex designs
in stained glass are made by abrading and layering
flashed glass. The technique that she uses is her own.
The design is drawn onto the glass and the sandblast
resist is applied to the glass and cut with a scalpel. The
sandblasted glass is then further drawn into using a
flexi shaft engraver. A labour intensive process of filing
with a diamond file furthers the manipulation until the
colour is removed as desired. This results in smooth
tones of transition which are hard to achieve in any
other way, and allows many variations of tone on one
piece of glass. Judith uses predominantly Lamberts
flashed glass, in red, blue, gold pink and brown. Black
vitreous paint and silver stain are the only paints applied
to the surface. This technique allows multiple colours
and tones, as the flashed glass is stacked in layers and
copper foiled, sometimes four or five layers deep.
Ideas for new work come through drawing, doodles,
and her own imagination. Her subject matter often
includes female subjects and uncomfortable settings,
though her recent work is more likely to have writhing
snakes or birds and insects as the main characters in
the piece.
(tekst: Angela Steel)